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About us and the project

Our story began in May 2019 with the Barcelona Coffee Guide (@bcncoffeeguide), the platform that aims to connect coffee lovers with specialty coffee shops in Barcelona and Europe. Through a simple map, we have more than 2,000 registered specialty coffee spots, and over the years, have created a relationship with the entire coffee chain: from specialty coffee producers, roasters, suppliers, and stores to end consumers.

Literally in a bar conversation, we came up with the idea: “let’s do a festival in which we award many categories?” – from this moment on (3 months prior to the festival) – we delivered a super cool weekend for more than 3.000 people). And for this we will always appreciate the belief of our partners in the project.

With all the experience we have acquired in these years, we created Coffee XP in 2022, a business and education hub that seeks to professionalize the sector, make specialty coffee known in Europe and offer incredible experiences to the final consumer, through technology, consultancies, courses for professionals and consumers, events and brand representation.

So what is the COFFEE XP?